I am an award-winning, full-time, freelance illustrator focusing on fantasy, sci-fi and children’s books, as well as prehistoric subjects, for a range of audiences. I have had paid projects in all of these genres and have also been paid to write and design for picture books, fantasy and educational books. All of the design and framing I show is my own work as well.

I use inks, paints and digital techniques to create a unique look. My favorite review described my work as “pearlescent.” My images are always straddling the fence between something from antiquity and something that feels altogether new. I prefer the notion that my illustrative style is “ephemeral.”

I’ve  won several awards for my work, including many international competitions such as Best of Fantasy, and Society of Illustrators West #45, as well as a Mom’s Choice Award in 2011 and 2012. All-in-all, though, I count my rendition of the mighty Kraken being voted in by the kids for a Children’s Choice Award as my all-time favorite recognition.

I am professionally represented by Gwen Walters for children’s work only. If you are a small publishing imprint, or an independent author of children’s work and you need an illustrator, please contact me first.

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